About Hosa Solar

About HoSa Solar Ltd.

Owner and founder of HoSa Solar Ltd. is Holger Sauer from Germany, a civil engineer by profession. After his retirement he moved to live in Bulgaria.
After several years of observations of the economic and climatic conditions in Bulgaria he decided to establish a business with solar cooking devices in 2013. At first appliances were imported. With a small team of professionals Mr. Sauer carries out detailed tests of solar appliances before they are offered on the Bulgarian market. Since 2016 HoSa Solar Ltd. develops its own solar cooking devices.

Tests are being performed with German diligence and precision and include all major aspects of solar cooking:

  1. Study of factors affecting the functioning of solar cooking devices:
    • climatic factors: intensity and duration of solar radiation, wind speed, purity and humidity of the atmosphere, cloudiness;
    • technological factors: strength of materials, construction stability, absorption of solar energy from materials differing by chemical composition and color;
    • focusing of solar cooking devices.
  2. Making improvements in solar appliances for:
    • the focusing system;
    • facilitating the handling of users with the appliance.
  3. Clarification of the basic rules for cooking with solar appliances.
  4. Determination of the conditions for safe operation.

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