Work with the free energy of the sun.

  • Preserve more of the natural nutrients of the foods by cooking slower at lower temperatures.
  • Тhe food prepared with solar energy has a wonderful taste and juiciness.
  • Solar cooking is highly ecological, does not release any harmful substances, does not pollute the environment and home in any way.
  • Suitable for use at picnics, excursions, camping, expeditions.
  • Have a simple pattern, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Can be used in all seasons.
  • Since solar cookers are used outdoors, unwanted heat will not cause temperature rises indoors as with conventional stoves.
  • It can also be a very enjoyable hobby or pastime, especially for those who love to cook.
  • Being able to solar cook is a great advantage in times of trouble, disasters, and power outages.Consider it an important tool in your emergency preparedness supplies.
  • Relatively cheap compared to the conventional cooking devices.
  • Тhe geographical location and relief of Bulgaria make it suitable for use of solar energy, respectively of solar cooking, over its entire territory. The average annual sunshine for the country is 2150 hours. In the southwestern and southeastern Bulgaria it reaches 2500 hours. 27.5% of the country is mountainous (altitude over 600 m), 41% from 200 to 600m, 31.5% 0-200m. Southwest Bulgaria combines great sunshine with a predominantly mountainous terrain, which makes it particularly suitable for solar cooking.

Additional benefits for household

  • heating and boiling of water for household needs
  • pasteurization
  • solar oven can be used for drying

Combined use of solar devices

  • food can be pre-boiled or pre-fried by parabolic solar cooker, then transfered for baking in a solar oven.

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