Destruction of pests in wooden objects with the help of a solar oven

The solar oven could be used to thermally destroy wood pests. You can free piece of wood from annoying insects and larvae by heating it in a solar oven. The picture shows a block of wood used for container support, which was pest infested. The container in question stands in Kocherinovo, being supported by eight such blocks. Holger Sauer stored one infested wooden block in a solar oven PSO-01 for about two hours at temperature of up to 100 degree Celsius to achieve complete result.

According to the regulations for packaging wood, the core temperature should be kept at 56 degrees for at least 30 minutes to kill wood pests (IPPC-standard ISPM-15).

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You are doing a wonderful job in Bulgaria. Respect! - ( Sent to the Facebook-page of HoSa Solar, June 15, 2016)