Effective way of baking peppers and other vegetables with the energy of the sun

HoSa Solar Ltd does not stop experimenting new ways of preparing food with solar energy:


Baking peppers on a copper plate with 140cm parabolic, the peppers themselves wrapped in a kitchen foil.

Some details of the procedure:

- The copper plate dimensions 30x30x0.5 cm, underside painted black. Copper is an excellent heat conductor, which ensures even distribution of the concentrated energy throughout the plate. Here we have a full sence solar hot-plate.


-The dimensions of the copper plate are not strictly defined. In our case, up to 20 peppers could be collected.

- The peppers in one packet should be of the same type( the same consistence).

- About 20 minutes baking required for each of both sides of the packet. The thicker consistence peppers require longer baking.

- The advantage of this method is that you do not bake peppers one by one, but entire packets.

- After removing from the plate, the peppers are left for some time in the foil for stewing.

- Finally the peppers are being peeled.


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