Lentils soup and roasted meatballs on December 10th

HoSa Solar Ltd. aims to convince the Bulgarian public, that cooking with solar energy is feasible year-round. In the month of the weаkest sun – December, we prepare vegetarian and meat dishes with our parabolic cookers.

On December 10th, Saturday, at ambient temperature from -2 to +1°C, we cooked in Kocherinovo:

- lentils soup – 2 liter water, 300g lentils
- meatballs roasted on a grill pan
- garnishing to the meatballs: potatoes, peas, broccoli

- thickening for the soup on a separate pan also was made.

All this was made between 10:00 and 12:15. At 12:15 lunch was served.

Two fireless cookers of our model “Cubi”were used to complete the cooking of the soup and the garnishing, so saving cooking time for the parabolic. The lentils soup boils only five minutes on the solar cooker, then transferred to Cubi, where it cooks further in its own heat. The same way with the potatoes and peas - 5 min boiling then into the second box. Meatballs and broccoli are prepared finally - straight from the solar cooker serve them.

If we had used only one solar cooker, it would have taken us half an hour more - instead at 12:15 we would have been ready at 12:45, at the latest at 13:00h.

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You are doing a wonderful job in Bulgaria. Respect! - ( Sent to the Facebook-page of HoSa Solar, June 15, 2016)