Solar cooking at 2000 m altitude

Тhe mountain hut Vihren (N 41˚ 46 '22.5 ", E 23˚ 24' 58.9", 1970m altitude) already has the 150 cm parabolic of HoSa Solar Ltd! Fans of solar dishes should know that from now on this hut offers solar menu!

The sun is strong at 2000m and the unit can be used successfully year-round, even by the low temperatures of the high mountain. On October 14, 2016 Holger Sauer and his team demonstrated the power of the solar parabolic cooker at high altitude. At noon in the parking area just in front of the two-storeyed hut, eggs were boiled in 1 liter of water. Ice cold water from the near stream was taken for the experiment. After 10 minutes water boiled with the energy of the sun, and after another 8 minutes eggs were cooked.

The solar cooker was delivered to the hut on the roof of the company's Jeep Nissan.

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I am glad you are teaching Bulgarians this wonderful technology. Now they can fall in love with solar cooked food. I think it tastes better than regular cooking. ( Sent to the Facebook-page of HoSa Solar, August 8, 2016)