Solar cooking enthusiasts in Bulgaria


At the end of 2021. Susan Ashwell - one of the most enthusiastic fans of solar cooking in Bulgaria - kindly sent us photos of her work with HoSa Solar appliances. On the big 180cm parabolic, husband Jeff prepares an English breakfast of eggs and bacon. Susan notes that the appliance cooks breakfast very quickly.

The family's second solar appliance, the solar oven, bakes pieces of chicken, but is also used by Susan as a dehydrator. Susan Ashwell already has extensive experience in dehydration with the HoSa Solar solar oven. Recently, Susan has found that she can very quickly dehydrate fig leaves, grape leaves and even dandelion. Then crumbles them up and puts them in a jar. This is a good nutritious way of adding nutrition to soups and stews – to sprinkle some on top.

Apart from that, Susan usually dehydrates tomatoes from her own garden (pictured), as well as other vegetables. Here is a link to her recipes.

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We are delighted by the appliances and enjoy them with pleasure. (July 18th 2015, Facebook-page of HoSa Solar)