Solar parabol cooker Model SK-01

Rent for 140 cm parabol cooker SK-01(prices in BGN)

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If the solar cooker is purchased at some stage, the rental amount is applied to the purchase price.

Model SK-01

  • diameter of the reflector: 140 cm
  • depth of the reflector: 47 cm
  • focal distance: 26 cm
  • reflecting surface: polished aluminium sheets
  • 24 segments reflector
  • stainless steel stand
  • average power: 1000 W* at 700 W/m2 sun radiation
  • max power: 1500 W* at 1000 W/m2 sun radiation
  • weight: 11 kg
  • the steepest position height of the reflector: 180 cm
  • potholder: 36 Х 44 сm
  • package: 120 / 40 / 10 сm
  • price: 349 BGN


The food vessel (called for simplicity a pot ) must remain continuously upon the focus spot (or the focus spot must remain upon the pot), so as not to interrupt the heating process. For that purpose, the reflector is being rotated in a horizontal and vertical plane, following the sun in its daily movement from east to west. Refocusing (reorienting to the sun) should be done approximately every 20 minutes.

* The average power for all models of parabol cooker is calculated for direct solar radiation of 700 W/m2. The maximum power is calculated for DSR of 1000 W/m2.

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You are doing a wonderful job in Bulgaria. Respect! - ( Sent to the Facebook-page of HoSa Solar, June 15, 2016)