With solar parabolic cooker between Bulgaria and Netherlands


Sofia resident Tihomir divides his life between Bulgaria and the Netherlands. In 2019 he bought the 150cm solar parabolic from HoSa Solar. Tihomir recently sent us a letter and photos. We publish them with his consent. The English text below is translation of the Bulgarian original.


I enclose photos from the first use of the parabolic! Everyone was very impressed and as you can see in our photos we cooked great scrambled eggs and chicken steaks! These are photos from Sofia and unfortunately I could not find any from the Netherlands, but next summer I will send you definitely!

Here in the Netherlands, solar cooking has also been very successful! Only the wind affects the stability, but not every day is windy and then things are very nice! The device works extremely well!

A few of my friends are building houses and they will definitely buy the parabolic when they move in! As you can see in the photos, the beam concentrates very well on the bottom of the pan and the temperature rises in seconds!

Unconventional cooking always adds a lot of mood and surprising moments to the picnic! I am very glad that I bought the solar cooker and I hope to be able to use it more and more often!

An irreplaceable helper for people living in houses with a yard !!! I look forward to your new inventions to apply in my household!

Regards, Tihomir ”

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Model LD 180 is great!