We proved in Kocherinovo solar cooking is an year-round activity

In the past severe winter HoSa Solar Ltd. proved that solar cooking is a year-round activity. Even in the coldest days of January we managed to use our appliances, as there was the sun!

After February 15th sunny days are more frequent. In Southwestern Bulgaria we enjoy 2500 hours of sunshine a year! Average across Bulgaria 2100 hours!

People! Refer to the Sun! See what an abundance of free energy is poured upon us!

A solar cooker needs everyone:

- Who has an yard!

- Who has a large terrace facing south!

- Who has a villa!

- Who has decided to leave the big city and live in the countryside!

- Who has decided to renovate an old house and turn it into a place to live!

- Who can use the roof of the building where he lives or a little space in front of it!


You need 1 or 2 hours bright sun, depending on the dish, for your cooking with the solar cookers of HoSa Solar Ltd! No matter it is summer or winter, no matter it's plus 20 or minus 20 degrees outside!


For a contact:

2640 Kocherinovo

N.Vaptcarov 57B, Str

You may call tel. 0988307943, send us a private message on Facebook or e-mail: info@hosasolar.bg, you can also write in our website www.hosasolar.bg.

You may also join us on the spot in Kocherinovo, we will do for you a demonstration of our solar cooking devices!

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