About Us

Owner and founder of HoSa Solar is Holger Sauer.

HoSa Solar

Owner and founder of HoSa Solar is Holger Sauer from Germany, a civil engineer by profession. Since 2010, he moved to live in Bulgaria.

After several years of observing the economic and climatic conditions in Bulgaria, Holger Sauer founded the company HoSa Solar and in 2014 started his own business with solar cooking appliances. The devices are imported by HoSa Solar as a direct importer and are sold both in Bulgaria and throughout Europe. Before offering the devices on the market, Holger Sauer carries out detailed tests of the solar devices at the HoSa Solar base in Kocherinovo with the help of a team of specialists. It can now be said with certainty that the parabolic solar cooker model LD150 with a diameter of 150 cm has established itself on the Bulgarian market as a proven model for utilizing solar energy in food preparation. In addition to boiling, baking, frying, stewing – its usual applications, inventive customers of HoSa Solar have also found an usage for LD150 for preparing winter food – compotes, jam, lutenitsa etc. – and all this with only the free energy of the sun!

Since 2014, thanks to HoSa Solar, thousands of Bulgarians have already mastered the new technology for preparing food using the energy of the sun.

Since 2023 HoSa Solar is a registered trademark.

Logically, at HoSa Solar we came up with the idea of expanding the scope of the activity. Namely, by providing an opportunity for the market realization of original innovative products from other fields as well, not only solar cooking appliances and not only technical products.

We just started with the solar cookers.

To be continued…