Fireless cooker “Grossi”

Fireless cooker “Grossi”
Price: 145 BGN

Operation principle
The operation of the Fireless cooker is based on well known law of physics: an object  surrounded by thermo-insulating material, retains its temperature for a long period of time. If that object is a pot filled with preheated liquid food – soup, stew, etc., inserting it into heat-insulated environment achieves two things:

  • Keeps the food warm for hours;
  • If the preheating temperature is above 90 °C, the meal is not only retained hot, but also cooked in its own heat.

Basic functions

Fireless cookers of HoSa Solar successfully implement three major functions:

- Bring to an end cooking process that has already begun - the most valuable application.
- Keep hot already cooked meal for a long time.
- Keep cold pre-chilled food and drinks for a long time.

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