Solar parabolic cooker LD150

Solar parabolic cooker LD150
Price: 199 BGN

The LD150 solar parabolic cooker consists of two main parts: a stand and a parabolic reflector. The upper end of the stand is the support ring on which the cooking vessel (pot, pan, etc.) is placed. The lower end of the stand is a tripod, which is placed on a flat and hard surface.

  • diameter of the reflector: 150сm
  • depth of the reflector: 24сm
  • focal distance: 58.6сm
  • reflecting surface: aluminized reflecting strips
  • six segments reflector
  • steel stand
  • average power: 1200 W at 700 W/m2 insolation
  • max power: 1800 W at 1000 W/m2 insolation
  • net weight: 16 kg
  • the steepest position height of the reflector: 127cm
  • diameter of the pot ring: 26cm
  • package: 80/71/11 cm
  • gross weight: 17kg

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