Ripe beans for direct consumption and canning

Beans soak from the evening. In the morning, the water is thrown away and a new one is put in. Boil for 1 hour. Add the salt 10 minutes before removing the pot. The beans can then be eaten straight away or stored in jars for the winter. The author of the recipe uses seven jars and a second pot, in which the jars are boiled again for another 1 hour on the solar parabolic. The water in the second pot is preheated. Beer bottles placed in the sun can also be used to preheat the water. Normally at 10am the beans are cooked in the first pot, at 10.30am the second pot with the jars is already loaded and placed on the solar parabolic. Between 10 and 10.30am while the beans are being transferred to jars, there is time to stew a pan of potatoes on the solar cooker. In July until 2 pm the jars of beans are done boiling. The remaining spices are added to the beans after opening the jar for consumption.